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Helping to Maintain and Restore Honesty, Integrity, and Justice

We offer complete, confidential Polygraph Services with offices in Santa Rosa,Petaluma and Novato.

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Services Include:

  • Pre-Court Testing
  • Pre-Employment 
  • Law Enforcement
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation 
  • Private Sector
  • Fidelity / Family matters
  • Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT)

We adhere to all State and Federal laws.


Easy, Convenient Locations

Located in the North Bay.  We have offices located in Marin and Sonoma Counties.

We operate by appointment during normal business hours.  

We can also arrange weekend and evening appointments.

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Every exam we conduct can have a lasting effect on someone's life.  We take that responsibility very seriously.  We only use the best equipment and offices.  We are professional,  confidential, and thorough.  

We have offices in Novato, Petaluma and Santa Rosa.  We also conduct examinations in a jail setting and attorney's offices. 

A nonrefundable deposit is required for all appointments.  Appointments will take a minimum of 2 hours. 

Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal accepted.

How Does a Polygraph Work?


As a child, did you ever lie to your parents or a teacher?  It could have been to avoid trouble or to gain acceptance from others. The fact is, this is normal behavior for human beings.  

As we tell these small lies, we appear calm and convincing. On the inside, your heart races, your palms start to sweat, and your stomach tightens. This is especially true if the discovery of the lie could result in consequences. 

We never seem to lose these involuntary responses to a situation in which we must protect ourselves by lying. A polygraph instrument records the presence or absence of such responses and records them on a moving graph.


The polygraph examiner is a trained professional who can determine, with a high degree of reliability, when the graphs your body produces indicate you are telling the entire truth.

People arrive at a Polygraph Examination for various of reasons.  Just sitting in a Polygraph Examiner’s chair is very stressful and can be embarrassing. The Polygraph Examiner understands this and will do everything in his power to ensure you can pass the test.  Being nervous or embarrassed during the examination will not affect the results of the test.  All of our tests are confidential and we strive to ensure your privacy is maintained.


The examination is completely painless and does not use injections, electrical shock, or drugs. 

The examination will start with a detailed interview with the Examiner. The Examiner will formulate a list of questions that will be asked during the examination. These questions will be reviewed with the Examinee to ensure everyone is confrontable with the questions.  Before beginning the test, the Examinee will know the exact questions that will be asked by the Examiner.


The Examiner will then attach the polygraph sensors to the Examinee’s body. 

The polygraph instrument records changes in blood pressure, pulse, respiration, body movement, supplemented with a unit for recording the GSR (Galvanic Skin Response). All exams are audio and video recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

Pneumograph tubes are fastened around the subject’s chest. A blood pressure cuff is fastened around one of the subject’s arms. Electrodes are attached to either the fingers, palm, or on the back of the hand. The attachments are lightweight and are designed to be easy to apply and minimally restrictive to the Examinee.   

After all the attachments are made and the Examinee is ready, the test will begin. 

We utilize the Stoelting Computerized Polygraph System. Stoelting is a worldwide leader in advanced Polygraph equipment.


Our computerized polygraph system records, stores, and analyze physiological changes during the exanimation.  These physiological changes are scored utilizing a algorithm and  a specialized scoring system that reports the probability that that Examinee is truthful or deceptive.  The Examiner also scores the chart to ensure that the test results are accurate. 

In essence, every test is scored two times. Once by the computer and then by the Examiner. 


Our Examiner

Brett Bartlett a retired Novato Police Officer with 18 years of Law Enforcement experience.

Brett has worked as a Detective, Patrol Officer, and as a Correctional Deputy.  Collateral assignments included Hostage Negotiations, Crisis Intervention, and Community Orientated Policing. 

He has in-depth specialized training in Interviewing and Interrogation, Hostage Negotiations, Crisis Intervention, Mental Health, Drug Endangered Children, Narcotic Investigations, Social Media, Gangs, mental and physical effects of narcotics, and financial crimes.  Brett has also testified in Court as a Recognized Expert in Narcotics. 

Brett has been fortunate enough to have been selected to work in a variety of assignments throughout his Law Enforcement career.  This experience has given him the opportunity to work with business leaders, community leaders,  Parole, Probation, and citizens of the community.  Brett is able to work with all individuals to build trust, prevent crime, and to understand different perspectives and goals within our community.   

Brett understands all people and situations are unique, complex, and require an impartial assessment.  He believes every situation and examination deserves to be conducted with impartiality and fairness.


To ensure confidentally, we opperate by appointment only.

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